MA Erich Berger - Curriculum Vitae

Erich Berger is a visual artist, trained in philosophy and as a communication engineer. 
He has produced interactive art installations, artistic wearable interfaces, audiovisual
performances and sound-art, which have been shown internationally since the mid 90ties.
He also works as educator, curator, content developer and facilitator, with a focus on the
intersection of art, science and technology. His research engages with hybrid space and 
hybrid ecology, the technologically informed environment and deep time processes. 
Berger also curates exhibtions and facilitates interdisciplinary environments for working
and learning and closely cooperates internationally with partners from the arts and sciences.


1998-2004 Philosophy, University of Vienna, Austria
1990-1996 Mechatronic, University of Linz, Austria
1984-1989 Communication Engineering, HTL Steyr, Austria

Employment history

2009-present Director, The Finnish Society of Bioart, Helsinki (FI)
2016-External lecturer, IT University Copenhagen (DK) 
2009-15 Lecturer, Academy of Fine Art, Vienna (AT)
2012 Lecturer, Aalto University, Helsinki (FI)
2007-09 Chief Curator, Laboral Centre for Art and Industrial Creation, Gijon (ES)
2004 Artistic Director, Interface and Society Atelier Nord, Oslo (NO)
2004-05 Artistic Director, Making Sense Atelier Nord, Oslo (NO)
1999-02 Researcher, Ideal Communications, Vienna (AT)
1998-99 Technical Director, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz (AT)
1996-99 Researcher, Ars Electronica Center Futurelab, Linz (AT)


2010 File Prix Sao Paulo, Second Prize for HEARTCHAMBERORCHESTRA, (BR)
2010 VIDA 13.0 Art and Artificial Life International Awards, Special Mention for HEARTCHAMBERORCHESTRA, (ES)
2010 Prix Ars Electronica, Honorary Mention for HEARTCHAMBERORCHESTRA, (AT)
2009 Prix Ars Electronica, Honorary Mention for CLIMATESCOPE, (AT)
2007 Labcyberspaces, Laboral Center for Art and Industrial Creation for SEVENMILEBOOTS, (ES)
2002 VIDA 5.0 Art and Artificial Life international Competition, Honorary Mention for SPINNE, (ES)
2002 Intermedium2 Award, Bawarian Broadcasting Station / ZKM for A SOPHISTICATED SOIREE, (DE)
2000 Prix Ars Electronica, Award of Distinction for TELEZONE, (AT)


2017 TOMORROWS, Onassis Cultural Center, Athens (GR)
2017 TRUST ME I AM AN ARTIST, Zone2Source, Amsterdam (NL)
2017 ENTER AND ENCOUNTER, Helsinki Design Museum (FI)
2016 PERPETUAL UNCERTAINTY, Bildmuseet, Umea (SE)
2016 OPEN FIELDS, RIXC, National Library, Riga (LV)
2015 Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke (BE)
2014 Sur Sal, Odemira (PT)
2014 Touch Me Festival: It's about time!, Klovicevi dvori Gallery, Zagreb (CR)
2014 Fields, Latvian National Arts Museum, Riga (LV)
2013 Transitio Festival, Mexico City (MX)
2013 Super-Connect, National Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei (TW)
2012 POLSPRUNG, Kuenstlerhaus Friese, Hamburg (DE)
2012 Aalto University, Helsinki (FI)
2011 Museumsquartier, Wien (AT)
2010 Ars Electronica Festival, Linz (AT)
2009 80+1, Ars Electronica, Linz (AT)
2009 Wearable technology, NIMK, Amsterdam (NL)
2009 Ich Maschine, Edith Russ Haus fuer Medienkunst, Oldenburg (DE) 
2008 WAVES, Hartware MedienKunstvereein, Dortmund (DE)
2007 (in)visible sounds, Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam (Nl)
2007 Enter3 Exhibition, Prague (CZ)
2007 LAB_Cyberspaces, Laboral, Gijon (ES)
2007 Digitally Yours, Turku (FI)
2007 Mobile Journey, 52.nd Venice Biennale (IT)
2006 ARCO06, Madrid (ES)
2006 Zemos98, Sevilla (ES)
2006 Matchmaking06, Trondheim (NO)
2005 11th IFCA, Maribor, (SLO)
2005 Ars Electronica Festival, Linz (AT)
2004 Kunstnerenshus Oslo, (NO) 
2004 ISEA2004 Museum of Applied Arts Tallin (EST)
2004 PD-Convention, Graz (AT)
2004 NuMusic Festival, Stavanger (NO)
2004 Pinklight, Museumsquartier Vienna (AT)
2004 Tronddelag Senter for Samtidskunst, Trondheim (NO)    
2003 Russian Museum, Marble Palace, St. Petersburg (RU)
2003 Galleria Otso, Espoo (FI)
2002 Sonarmatica at Sonar Festival, Barcelona (ES)
2002 Electrohype Festival, Malmoe (SE)
2000 San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco California (USA)
2000 Art Center College of Design, Pasadena California (USA)
2000 Austin Museum of Art, Austin Texas (USA)
2000 Atlanta College of Art Gallery, Atlanta Georgia (USA)  
1999 - 2003 permanent installation at the Ars Electronica Center Linz (AT) 
1998 Global Village, Vienna (AT)    
1997 Ars Electronica Festival Linz (AT)   

Audio-visual performances

2012 Media Archaeology Festival Houston (USA)
2012 Aalto University Helsinki (FI)
2011 ElectroniK, Rennes (FR)
2011 Centro dos de Majo, Madrid (ES)
2011 Mehrkanal, Linz (AT)
2010 Centro Parraga, Murcia (ES)
2010 File Festival, Sao Paulo (BR)
2010 Pixelache, Helsinki (FI)
2009 Steirischer Herbst, Graz (NL)
2009 Todaysart, Den Haag, (NL)
2006 Trondheim Matchmaking (NO) 
2006 Sound of Mu, Oslo (NO)
2006 STWST, Linz (AT)
2006 Postgarage, Graz (AT)
2006 Mal au Pixel, Paris (FR)  
2006 XXXXX ICA, London (GB)
2006 Sterischer Herbst, Graz (AT)
2005 GeneratorX, Oslo (NO)
2005 Another Happy Day, Oslo (NO)
2005 Pixelached05, Helsinki (FI)
2005 CRASH ICA, London (GB)
2005 Piksel05, Oslo (NO)
2005 Spazibar, Oslo (NO)
2005 Spazibar Oslo (NO)
2004 Chateu Neuf, Oslo (NO)
2004 Musikkafeen, Aarhus (DK)
2004 Piksel04, Bergen (NO)
2004 Kunstforeningen, Trondheim (NO)
2004 Dans vor Voksne, Oslo (NO)
2004 Pinklight, Museumsquartier Vienna (A)
2003 dotcoma, Helsinki (FI) 
2003 Waino Aaltosen Museo, Turku (Fi)
2003 The Nursery/Fylkingen, Stockholm (SE)
2003 Tue Scene, Stavanger (NO)    
2003 Avantgarden, Trondheim (NO)
2003 KYE, Oslo (NO)
2003 Piksel03, Bergen (NO)
2002 Wien Modern, Vienna (AT)
2002 Berliner Festspiele Maerzmusik Berlin (DE) 
2002 Intermedium Bavarian Broadcasting Station + ZKM Karlsruhe (DE)
2001 Ars Electronica Festival Linz (AT)
2001 Musikprotocoll Steirischer HerbstGraz (AT)
2001 Potsdam/Berlin (DE)

Developed Projects/Events

2017 SPLICE, Bioartsociety (FI)
2015,16 HYBRID MATTERs, Bioartsociety (FI)
2015 Field_Notes - HYBRID MATTERs, Bioartsociety (FI)
2014 Curies Children [glow boys radon daughters], Bioartsociety (FI)
2014,15 Making_Life, Bioartociety (FI)
2013 Field_Notes - Deep Time, Bioartsociety (FI)
2012 Art&HENVI, Bioartsociety (FI)
2011 Field_Notes - Cultivating Grounds (FI)
2010 Art&Technoscience conference, Bioartsociety (FI)
2009 Kilpiscope, Bioartsociety (FI)
2008 Homo Ludens Ludens conference, LABoral (ES)
2007 Maxwell City workshop, Atelier Nord (NO)
2006 Inteface and Society, Atelier Nord (NO)
2004,05 Making Sense, Atelier Nord (NO)

Curated exhibitions
2017 SPLICE, Oulu Museum of Art (FI)
2016 HYBRID MATTERs traveling exhibition (NO,DK,FI)
2015 Making_Life, Lasipalatsi Nayttely, Bioartsociety, Helsinki (FI)
2014 Living in a Hybrid Environment, Kunsthall Grenland, Porsgrunn (NO)
2012 PRIMA MATERIA, Helsinki University Science Corner, Helsinki (FI)
2009 Crisalidas, LABoral, Gijon (ES)
2008 HOMO LUDENS LUDENS, LABoral, Gijon (ES)
2008 Ghosts in the Machine, LABoral, Gijon (ES)
2008 TACS, LABoral, Gijon (ES)
2008 Chopping Piano in C, LABoral, Gijon (ES)
2008 MARX, LABoral, Gijon (ES)
2008 Situation Room, LABoral, Gijon (ES)
2006 Interface and Society, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo (NO)


2015 Reconfiguring Human, Keynote, Univ. of Jyvaskyla, (FI)
2015 Synbio Seminar, art and synbio, presentation, VTT/TEKES, Helsinki, (FI) 
2015 Break Down Breakdown, Deeptime lecture, London, (UK)
2015 Curies Children [glow boys radon daughters], workshop, Aalto University, Helsinki (FI) 
2015 Obel Lecture, Univeristy of Ahlborg (DK)
2014 Department of Physics and Geophyics, presentation, Univeristy of Zagreb, (CR)
2014 Bio/Art/Education, Aalto University, lecture, Helsinki (FI)
2014 Copenlab ESOF, presentation, Copenhagen (DK)
2014 Corners College, lecture, Zuerich (CH)
2014 AltCph, presentation, Copenhagen (DK)
2014 RENEW, presentation, Riga (LV)
2014 Helsinki University, lecture (FI)
2013 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, presentation, Helsinki (FI)
2012 Theatre Academy Helsinki, group advisor, (FI)
2012 Aalto University, lecture Helsinki (FI) 
2012 University of Applied Art Vienna Digitale Klasse, lecture (AT)
2011 Rixc, lecture, Riga (LV)
2010 M-Cult, workshop, Helsinki (FI)
2010 Sibeliusakatemie, presentation, Helsinki (FI)
2010 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, lecture, Helsinki (FI)
2010 Academy of Fine Art, lecture, Vienna (AT)
2009 Superhuman, curatorial masterclass, Melbourne (AUS)
2009 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, lecture, Helsinki (FI)
2009 Univ. for Music and Performing Arts, workshop, Vienna (AT)
2009 Univ. Applied Art, Transmediale Klasse, workshop, Vienna (AT)
2009 Univ. Applied Art, Transmediale Klasse, workshop, Graz (AT) 
2008 Ars Electronica, lecture, Linz (AT) 
2008 Art Futura, lecture, Barcelona (ES)
2008 LOOP 08, round table, Barcelona (ES)
2008 Sonar, presentation, Barcelona (ES)
2007 Atelier Nord, workshop, Oslo (NO)
2006 Atelier Nord, workshop, Oslo (NO)
2006 Atelier Nord, workshop, Oslo (NO)
2006 Mal au pixel, workshop, Paris (FR)
2006 Atelier Nord, I&S workshop, Oslo (NO)
2006, workshop, Linz (AT)
2006 Atelier Nord, workshop, Oslo (NO)  
2005 GeneratorX, lecture, Oslo (NO)
2005 Atelier Nord, workshop, Oslo (NO)
2005 Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen, workshop, Bergen (NO)
2005 Atelier Nord, workshop, Oslo  (NO)
2005 Atelier Nord, workshop, Oslo (NO)
2005 Academy for Media Arts Cologne, workshop, Cologne (DE)
2004 Trondheim Electronic Art Center, lecture, Trondheim (NO)
2004 Atelier, lecture, Oslo (NO)
2004 Trondheim Electronic Art Center, workshop, Trondheim (NO)
2004 Atelier Nord, workshop, Oslo (NO)
2004 Turku Artschool Mediadepartment, workshop, Turku (FI)
2004 Atelier Nord, workshop, Oslo (NO)
2004 University of Art, presentation, Trondheim (NO)
2004 Atelier Nord, lecture, Oslo (NO)
2003 Atelier Nord, workshop, Oslo (NO)
2003 Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, workshop, Oslo (NO)
2003 University of Art & Design / Medialab, presentation, Helsinki (FI)
2003 Turku Artschool Mediadepartment, presentation, Turku (FI)
2002 Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, workshop, Oslo (NO) 
2002 University if Applied Arts, presentation, Vienna (AT)
2002 University of Art & Design, presentation, Helsinki (FI)  
2001 Steirischer Herbst, panel, Graz (AT)
2000 Siggraph, presentation, New Orleans (USA)
2000 Prix Ars Electronica Forum, presentation, Linz (AT)
1999 Ars Electronica, presentation, Linz (AT)
1999 Institute for Artificial Intelligence University, lecture, Vienna (AT)
1999 Synworld Public Netbase, presentation, Vienna (AT)
1998 Global Village, panel, Vienna (AT)

Selected publications 

Berger, E., Beloff L. (2014) Ars Bioarctica - Five years of art&science work by the Finnish Society of Bioart at Kilpisjaervi Biological Station, in proceedings of RENEW - The 5th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, Riga - forthcoming
Berger, E., Beloff L. (2014) Ars Bioarctica - viisi vuotta taiteen ja tieteen yhteistyoetaeae Suomen Biotaiteen Seuran ja Kilpisjaerven biologisen aseman vaelillae, in Jaervinen, A. & Lahti, S. (toim.) Kilpisjaerven biologisen aseman 50-v juhlakirja, Helsinki - forthcoming
Beloff, L., Berger, E., Haapoja, T. (editors) (2013), From Landscape to Laboratory, Helsinki, The Finnish Society of Bioart
Votava, P. and Berger, E. (2012) The Heart Chamber Orchestra: An Audio-visual real-time performance for chamber orchestra based on heartbeats, in eContact! 14.2 Biotechnological Performance Practice, Montreal, (last accessed 24.3.2014)
Berger, E. (2008) Shaping the World, in NOWHERE/NOW/HERE, Gijon, LABoral Centre for Art and Industrial Creation
Berger,E. (2008) Locating play in contemporary culture and society, in HOMO LUDENS LUDENS, Gijon, LABoral Centre for Art and Industrial Creation
Berger, E. (2007) The art of implication, in EMERGENTES, Gijon, LABoral Centre for Art and Industrial Creation
Berger, E. (2007) Art as prototyping, in PLAYWARE, Gijon, LABoral Centre for Art and Industrial Creation
Berger, E. (2006) TEMPEST in Acoustic.Space #6, Latvia, RIXC
Berger, E. (2004) SEVENMILEBOOTS in Ars Electronica 2004, Ostfildern, Hatje Cantz 
Berger, E. (2000) TELEZONE in Cyberarts 2000, Wien, Springer
Berger, E. (1997) Cyborg Detector, in Ars Electronica 1997, Wien, Springer


2014 Kone Foundation, Finland
2013 Kone Foundation, Finland
2012 Arts Promotion Centre Finland, BMUKK/Medienkunst Austria 
2011 BMUKK/Medienkunst Austria
2010 BMUKK/Medienkunst Austria
2010 AVEK (FI), 
2010 Central Art Comission of Finland 
2007 BMUKK/Medienkunst Austria
2006 Kulturrad Norway Fond for lyd og bilde
2005 Trondheim Kommune (NO)
2005 Sor Trondelags Fylkeskommune (NO)
2005 Kulturrad Norway Knyt
2005 OCA Travel Grant (NO)
2005 Atelier Nord Project Grant (NO), 
2004 Sleipnir/NIFCA (FI)
2003 Kulturrad Norway Knyt, Sleipnir/NIFCA (FI), 
2002 .KUNST Bundeskanzleramt Austria
2002 AVEK (FI), Central Art Comission of Finland

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