- with Laura Beloff
- networked wearable vest, custom made hard and software - 2007

HEARTDONOR is a wearable art work about our life in a hybrid space. It is addressing issues about physical and virtual, global/technological presence, social networks and collected mementos of our everyday life.
The vest is made to be borrowed by the audience for an individual long term use. One can collect and wear the heartbeats of selected persons, and observe the presence of these people in physical and virtual space.
HEARTDONOR brings forth one’s social network within "hybrid space". The hybrid space is a space, which we -humans- inhabit in increasing measures via various networked devices used in our everyday lives.
The work takes its point of departure by rejecting the common concept about differentiation of virtual (digital) and real (physical) layers of the world. It is specifically constructed for the hybrid space and attempts to make it visible and materially concrete, in contrast to common ordinary mass-produced devices.

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