- exhibition curated for Kunsthall Grenland, Prosgrunn, NO - 2014
- artists: Antero Kare (FI), Ilkka Halso (FI), Cecilia Jonsson (SE)

Depicting nature is probably one of the most successful domains of the artistic endeavour during the course of western art history. The representation of nature through art was thought most challenging for the artist. Nature not only was considered beautiful but sublime, to have a quality of greatness beyond the possibility of representation. To catch the sublime and to understand this aesthetic category was an endeavour which was specifically pursued by artists during the romantic period. Romantic artists used specifically the epic of nature as an expression of the sublime. This might be the reason that our minds form pictures of untouched mountain views, seascapes and misty scenes in our western mind when we think about nature. British philosopher Timothy Morton argues that part of our current ecological crisis is that we perceive nature as something we are embedded in and we act as it would be independent from our doings instead of realizing that we are part of our environment and thus part of its ecology. He proposes to abandon our concept of nature to develop an ecological thought, which he defines as - the thinking of interconnectedness -.

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