- an ongoing research about radioactivity and the landscape with various outputs 2019 -

Spectral Landscapes is investigating radioactivity and the landscape. I collect data which allow me to portray the gamma radiation fields as bodies which protrude from the radioactive base-rock as intricate but intrinsic features of the landscape.
Invisible but present, the constitution of these fields are part of the innate processes of our planet in deep time, conforming to continental drift, the biogenic accumulation of oxygen in our atmosphere,
the folding of mountain ranges and their weathering; they follow the carvings of geophysical forms which produce the features of the landscapes we observe around us.
I refer to these bodies as spectral because their presence is ghostly and can only be detected via extra-sensorial means, but then they are also spectral because they are fields of light,
of photons, although located in a part of the spectrum not visible to human eye.

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