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it is important to look at the cultural, social and epistemological context, because these significantly shape the understanding and practices of the relationship between humans and technology. representations and representation technologies played an important role in creating images about bodies and also idealized bodies.

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an important question that you might ask is: humans were using technologies all along. were they cyborgs? the answer is no, because there were no cyborgs back then...meaning that the term emerged out of a cultural dynamic, understanding, and practice that simply did not exist at any other time. Gray, Mentor and Figueroa-Sarriera state in the introduction of the Cyborg Handbook that to call a pre-historic person a cyborg because she was using tools is to apply current cultural setting onto the past. sure you can do it but it will not explain you any more what it is to be a cyborg today.

interview with a 86 year old cyborg